Joseph Elliott USA Corporate Ordering

Golf Towel Ordering

Choose from Bamboo, Cotton, Mico fiber in a large or pocket format. Our ordering allows for diversity of towels while having the color pop against your brands logo.

Minimun order starts with 50 towels and you can choose a minimum of 5 towels per color for the bamboo towels and a minimum of 15 towels per color for the micro fiber.

Bamboo and Cotton Towels

Your logo dyed in an assortment of 16 vibrant colors on a cotton or bamboo towel. A wide assortment of colors with minimal inventory, minimums start at 5 pieces per color with a low 80 piece minimum total order quantity. You control how much inventory you need in each color. Two choices are available, colored towel with a black logo, or a dark color with color logo.

Towel Color with Black Logo


Towel Color with Colored Logo


Pressure Dye Technology -PDT

Low quantity runs of custom designs "pressured dyed" into the towel.



Carabiner attached to towel at no additional cost.


With a lead time of just 2 weeks, long term planning for high quality custom golf towels is no longer necessary. Time sensitive tournament and "fill in" orders are easy, profitable and most importantly stress free.


Green Grass accounts retailing the product in a pro shop, we can offer a colorful selection of 13 different colors in a single 50 piece order. Choose from any of our 16 colors in 5 piece increments in any combination. Try 5 pieces of some of our more unique fun colors and load up on the traditional best selling ones. The choice is yours as you can control how much you need in inventory in each color.

Corporate customers can choose from any two from a wider selection of available colors. Using the two chosen colors, your logo will be permanently dyed into the individual cotton fibers on the face of the towel. Should you find it desirable, our process allows for White to be an additional color to the two chosen. Thus with White included your design can be a total of 3 colors. The yarn on the hems and the reverse side of the towel are dyed Black, thus allowing for optimal logo contrast as well as providing for a dark color to hide any dirt collected while playing golf. For this process we require a onetime $50 set up charge.


A quick glance or a light touch is all that is needed to appreciate the exceptional quality of the towel. Made from a strong construction using a generous amount of quality "thirsty" cotton yarn, our towel is ultra thick with an incredibly soft and silky feel. Add in a consistently cut velvet face, specially compatible with our pressure dyed process, and you get a result that rivals the best towels on the market.


A whole new standard of quality is now available with a resolution of almost 3600 pixels per square inch. Our technology has the amazing ability to inject dye on individual fibers within a given thread of yarn creating an incredibly crisp clean image of your design. "Pressure dyeing" combines digital technology with high pressure to inject dyes deep into the towel's thick pile, ensuring a complete coverage of the design area. The pressure draws the dyes vertically into the fibers without horizontal bleeding. The result is the perfect depth and a "high definition" clear image of your design.

rolled towels


Rolled and wrapped with a silicon band.


Sell with confidence as our towels are highly absorbent (thirsty) and are ready for immediate use. The dyes are permanently bonded inside the cotton fibers leaving a lasting design impression that is virtually undectable to the human touch. The reverse side is yarned a solid black for high contrast against the logo colors and to hide the dirt and mud during the use of the product.

Micro Fiber Towels

Your logo screenprinted in 17 different color choices. Ten color minimum for colored towels and 20 color minimum with each logo color with a low 80 piece minimum total order quantity. You control how much inventory you need in each color. Choose from colored towel or colored logo in a large 18" X 42" or pocket towels that are 18" or 15" square.

Logo Color Selection


Towel Color Selection